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It is my distinct honor to offer you pathways for self discovery and healing for your own personal growth. For me, there is nothing more powerful than actualizing the wholeness of our true selves during this remarkable era in our personal and global history. I facilitate this through several pathways which can be facilitated in person, in group or even over the phone. Click on each one below for more information.

Energy Medicines
Family Constellation and Systemic Constellation Work
Raw Food and Energy Nutrition
Philosophy on how I work
Self Signature Remedy website

Often times in life as we go about our business, we encounter blocks and situations that are simply not pleasing, perhaps even traumatizing. But there is always a gift when one chooses to embrace these events with a deep longing to grow in consciousness. Once this self-empowering choice is made, the Higher Self begins to teach the greater wisdom of our soul. It is at this point that something quite magical begins to unfold as the wound, which is always the gift in shadow, begins to alchemize.

I have witnessed extraordinary awakenings in many as they have unleashed the freedom of their soul purposes through these amazing pathways of breakthrough. Having the courage to glean the wisdom from guidance, which can sometimes be out-pictured as pain, sets the soul free again to marvel at the preciousness of who it is.

In complete support and service to your wholeness,